Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the goodness of ordinary days

Let's focus on the goodness today. We all have so much of it. If we looked at the myriad ways we are each of us blessed, really stood still and examined it all, we would be blinded. Yes, there are unfulfilled goals, places we have not been, and financial levels that may never be met, but there are moments and hours of exquisite beauty in all of our lives that fill in the gap. If we took note of all those moments and hours, we would find there is actually no gap to fill. We would be more tolerant of grief and disease and accidents, knowing in our hearts that during difficult times we are still the recipients of grace.

If the end of winter and beginning of spring has been turbulent for me, it does not matter. If anything, my resistance to drama has weakened and I find myself withdrawing from most of it. What a beautiful thing. What a way to refocus on the important moments of life. Like planning for my return to the blue and white room, my favorite restaurant of all time. It belonged to my great grandmother, the inn and the restaurant on the shores of the north sea. This May, I will feast in that blue and white room with my mother. We will return to the inn and fond memories of her childhood in Germany and we will share a meal. On Mother's Day.

It will be a cluster of moments and hours we will never forget. It will fill in the gaps and carry us through and open our eyes more wide to the goodness of ordinary days.


  1. How lovely to be able to look forward to returning to the blue and white room on Mother's Day.

  2. A successful feel-good post, nice one :)


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