Saturday, March 05, 2011


lest you think i'm terminal or bored with writing to you or a (don't-i-wish) drive through bride in vegas playing the nickel slots in fishnets and sequined shoes, i return to assure you i live and breathe. unterminal, unbored, and uneloped.

instead, i return with multiple tests under my belt and no answers to show for the money i'll soon be laying out for all the medical attention i sought. nice. i also return fully engaged in a project meant to squash my endearing attention deficit malady. you'll hear about that one soon, provided i actually finish the darn thing. and i return with an itch to bitch about this crazy winter that won't get over itself and give spring a hope to happen. but i won't, because it's too easy to whine about weather and i honestly love my almost-knee-high boots with the laces and pom poms and before i know it i'll want to bitch about the heat. so no.

but i've missed you, and i need the therapy of writing and obnoxiously taking pictures everywhere i go.

i'm back, then. uncured, yet happy, and looking for all that's good.


  1. I'm glad you're back, Graciel. I'm sorry to hear the medical professionals didn't find an answer for you. I hope you feel well again soon.

    You're a better woman than I about not complaining about the winter. That's all I've been doing lately. It is snowing here again today!! #$#%@$##@ Sorry. HA HA! :-)

    I am really so sick of it. I think I need to move to the Carolinas or Georgia or somewhere.

    I love the tea cup and beautiful pink flowers! Thank you for that little promise of spring in your photo.

    Hugs to you, my friend.

  2. Gracie, I knew you were there, but I was SURE you were in vegas with the sequined shoes and all of that...I was soooo positive.
    where can you bitch if not here?!

  3. Should I say at least the doctors didn't find anything bad... Probably not. I am so sick of winter too... Definitely need a trip to somewhere warm, don't you think?

  4. Pleased your backm, I do love your photos. I pleased to hear you're happy and in search of goodness! A blogging break can be a very good thing indeed. x

  5. Dearest Graciel so glad to see you back! Nothing conclusive in the tests you underwent...I know ALL about that experience too well, sheesh. Not that you want anything horrible to have been found! Just an answer to the symptoms, I know...

    Still, Spring is coming I promise. In fact I detect a definite change in the light over here and yipee!! its sunny in Manchester ;)

    Dear longest bloggy friend,(you were my first friend x) I sincerely hope that you soon pull round and feel substantially better.x

    Hugs Jane

  6. Anonymous3/06/2011

    Darn! I like the Vegas description! ;)

    And oh, how STRANGE that mainstream medicine has NO answers for chronic issues.


    First, it's excellent that there is nothing "wrong," in their books. Their books are filled with awful things to be wrong.

    Which means second, you can move onto getting holistic help. :)

    Which means third, it's all up to you.

    Which is good.

    And also, well, slightly annoying to the lazy part of me.


    Much love!

  7. you are back. 3 beautiful words.


  8. Down here in Nashville we're thinking good thoughts for you, dear Graciel.

  9. I'm glad you're back and hopefully, some spring weather will brighten your days soon!


  10. I have succumbed to complaining about the weather, I keep fighting it, but it keeps hitting back. I did go for a walk today and absorbed some sunshine. That helped, a lot.
    Glad you are back, and hope you are feeling better soon.

  11. Sometimes just looking forward to all the good makes us feel better. I do hope they find out what ales you soon.


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