Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the resplendent swamps of march

There is so much despair in the world today. There are too many images of loss and fear. I have to turn away. I have to protect the spirit within me that knows there is more unbounded beauty and life than anything else. So, I went to the swamps, the cold and thawing swamps of March, resplendent with noise and wings.

It is my yearly ritual on the cusp of spring to stand before the joyful noise of Canada geese and blackbirds. Despite the cold, they are urgent. They know, on deeper levels than I will ever know, their purpose. I go to listen and I go to be consumed by the glory of wise commotion.

The color of old corn, the white and the blue~ the palette of almost-spring~ is the perfect backdrop, the perfect stage for incoming life. In that palette, on that stage a quiet, yet no less urgent player emerged. A beaver. My first one, almost up close, eating and swimming, eating and swimming, reminding me I, too, have purpose. Despite my love of all things winged, of lofty ideals and of stars, the beaver reminded me the way to go beyond the ideas of loss and fear is to be grounded and practical and acutely tuned to the care of myself. The beaver reminded, as well, that for me to fly in this world and to know its unbounded beauty requires a walk and a swim to begin.


  1. a walk and a swim. yes. i love this, the video, all of it. the red-winged blackbirds have been making their funny noises just outside my door...

  2. Wow thank you for the images and words that you shared. So true. My heart is there with you.

  3. I love the sounds of the geese! Occasionally a few fly across the grey skies near our house and it never fails to thrill!!
    Thank you so much for these Graciel.

    You do right to when you said, 'I have to turn away...' I too have had to do that recently, as you say to protect that spirit within.


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