Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Reason #1 To Get On With It

"Life insists on being lived and anything that belongs to life which is allowed to lie dormant has to be lived by some one else. If we do not accept our shadow, we force our children to carry the burden of our undeveloped capacities. They may become mediocre scientists or artists because we denied our own talents."

Irene de Castillejo


  1. Anonymous3/09/2011

    Oh, WOW.


  2. wow indeed. this is an eye opener and a soul opener and a kick in the behind.


  3. I have never heard this quote, but it is so very true. I try to set the example for my children, one gets it and the other not so sure. Smiling, because some days you just want to cry.

    Oh, oh, I finished my March house yesterday. I will post it next week. But I am having a give away today, come by.

  4. food for thought, there.

  5. triple wow! these brilliant words go straight to my heart today. thank you beautiful friend.

  6. be the change...yes?
    xoxo hope you are well!
    "fiest" is my captcha word! how apropos!~~***


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