Monday, July 06, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #12

Keeping my eyes on the sky.
Inspired by: Clouds. Especially the cumulonimbus kind. Last year, it was rainbows that had me looking skyward. This year, it's big puffs of water droplets hanging low to the road. I imagine I'm a hazard on the road as I drive, camera in my right hand, steering wheel in my left, snapping away and trying to stay in my lane. I'm obsessed. And I have not figured out why.
Could it be their fluid and constant ability to change? Could it be the landscape they create, forever and always different? The stories they tell with the rabbits and alligators and faces they spontaneously mold themselves into? The marvelous meditation they offer from the side of the road when I spare 20 minutes to watch the sunset color and emote their ephemeral mountains? A simple reminder that Nature, in all Her facets, is my salvation?
Maybe my obsession and inspiration is for all of it. Maybe, just maybe, the clouds are telling me that Heaven is always bending down to meet the earth.
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  1. YES, clouds are pure Heaven, bending down to kiss the Earth.
    I love clouds too. My kids point out pictures they see in the sky. It's so nice!!! xo

  2. I can spend hours watching the clouds. Such peace and wonder. A worthy obsession.

  3. Anonymous7/07/2009

    i love letting my mind drift away watching the clouds

  4. I'm a cloud watcher too! Love them!!!

  5. Yeehaa Graciel, I do that too al the time when I'm in the US or Canada. Driving and takin pics all togheter. We better watch out here.

    But this is the result. Love love love these pufs of white and pink.


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