Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sun Feather

I find it impossible not to believe in miracles. Especially when four and a half inches of tiny feathers allows its invisible, animating life force to take flight from the palm of my hand.
She called me to her as I drove home from work. It was the slightest whisper of, "please take this road home". She knew I would hear it, sense it, obey it, that plea for help. So I took this road I do not usually take and I found her; an exquisite dusting of yellow on a grey tar lane.
She left ample room in my hand as I carried her. She was still warm with life, but she was leaving. The essence of common yellowthroat warbler, secretive, sweet and diligent, could be felt vibrating against my skin. Her soul was breaking free. I offered extreme unction. I bore witness to grace.
She left. Yet she left behind the tiniest black orbs that still reflected the sun. And shocks of yellow feathers that were the sun.


  1. sugarfreeseer7/01/2009

    Her name was Ester and she thanks you for holding her in your heart and sharing her little yellow soul with the world she so loved to sing for.

  2. That was the sweetest posting I've ever read...
    that was an eternal moment...

  3. Anonymous7/02/2009

    its things like this that touch the heart, isnt it?

  4. Beautiful Graciel.

  5. exquisitely sad and beautiful. i'm glad she wasn't alone when she left.

  6. oh, my.......
    there are no words.

  7. A reminder to always heed the call, and to do this we must constantly be aware. Thank you for this slice of heaven.

  8. A sweet spirit dressed in yellow. Very touching post, Graciel.

  9. She was in the best loving hands ever to fly into her new journey.

    Graciel your the best soul to warm her and letting her go..

  10. Bless you for holding her. My father always told me angels lived as cats, as birds, and they would test our hearts. I believe you passed.


  11. Oh my. This is just too incredibly beautiful, amazing, moving for words.

    What a dear, dear, special soul you are, Graciel.

    I first read this on my BlackBerry when it was posted. (out of town on vacation) How lovely to revisit it on a larger screen and soak in the sacredness once again.

    Thank you for sharing this ~ and yourself ~ with us.


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