Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Simple Things~ July 8th

Keep it simple, Sweetheart.
My kind of simple is flowers. Always, always flowers.
My kind of simple is tea. Black, no sugar. Definitely no milk. Strong. Rose petal or Earl Grey.
My kind of simple is eggs. Preferably brown. Soft boiled, runny yolks.
Simple is bowls made of clay.
Simple is nests.
Simple is barn wood benches.
My kind of simple is backyard bunnies under pink hydrangea bushes.
My kind of simple is homegrown cherry stained fingers.
My kind of simple is thunder at 5am, rain spilling over the sill.
Simple is deep-curved, flapping blue heron wings.
Simple is one-pocket, vintage, gingham half aprons.
Simple is firefly constellations sweeping low on the lawn.
Simple is love. Love is simple. Give it. Receive it. Live it.
{Simple Things is the love-child of Christina at Soul Aperture. Visit her simple and sumptuous ways at, and find more July 8th links to other reveries of Simple Things. Thank you for having me play along, Dear Christina.}


  1. Anonymous7/08/2009

    i agree with you on the tea. milk just ruins it completely.

  2. Lovely list... I can echo many of your sentiments. The ordinary is extraordinary! Tea straight up is my favorite too. Have you tried Earl Grey with rose petals and lavender--bliss! Your have a beautiful blog--glad to have found it. Happy Day :o)

  3. thanks for listing gingham aprons in the simple things. Sometime one forgets who pretty things can be when they don't see them everyday.

  4. May I say your kind of simple is positively beautiful! Oh, I love it over here.

    The rain spilling in a windowsill, is sheer bliss.

    I'd love to have a plain cup of tea with you... and then we could go for custard. ; )

    Thank you, lovely.

  5. What a wonderful, wonderful list. Rain spilling over the windowsills--this happened at my house yesterday! I love your photo of the eggs. So glad I found your blog via the lovely Christina!

  6. Oooohhh. 'Simple is love. Love is Simple. Give it.' This has done it for me....Now I only need to turn around spread my arms and open up to reseiving.

    Thanks for reminding me.
    Love Dagmar

  7. A simply beautiful post, like the perfect day.

  8. Oh bunnies :)! I love both bunnies and hydrangeas, always such a sweet simple combination sure to put a smile on the face.

  9. Anonymous7/08/2009

    love runny yolks.

    love plain tea.

    love your list!

  10. An amazing list with gorgeous pictures.

  11. if you saw my cup of tea, you'd say it was milk - with a spot of tea. ;)

    I have those cherry stained fingers now! I love the poetry of your list. And it's been too long since I saw fireflies.

  12. Dear Graciel,
    What a tender post.
    The photographs, the words.
    My favorite:
    Simple is love. Love is simple. Give it. Receive it. Live it.

    Oh yes! Three cheers for Love!


  13. I love your beautiful poem of simple things. I love Early Grey but have milk! I have never had rose petal tea but it sounds delicious and looks beautiful!
    Your blog is lovely. Your post about the little yellow bird was beautiful and so touching.
    Lovely to meet you!

  14. A song that I really love is called "Tis a gift to be simple" sung by Allison Krauss. This post reminded me of that song. Very nice.

  15. Oh, I do love your kind of simple. what a beautiful, creative way to play along in this wonderful game of Christinas. I've been off on a marvelous vacation and am only just not getting around to visiting all of Christina's friends in this happy-making idea. I just wanted to say hello and tell you how much I like the way you think.


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