Thursday, July 23, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #14~only 3 days late!

Blogging is therapy and a very groovy way to meet kindred souls!

Inspired by: Lisa and Christine, wise and wonderful women bloggers who graced me with their presences on a recent summer afternoon. It was all Lisa's idea and I cannot thank her enough for boldly stepping out and suggesting we meet.

Lisa came up from Ohio and stayed with Christine, aka Bliss Chick, in Pennsylvania, who came with Lisa to New York. We met in nowheresville Silver Creek, along Lake Erie, for a diner lunch and a tour of the "Graceland" of American Kitsch, Valvo's Candy and Statuary. Dolly Dimples, the roadside hostess gave us a warm, if slightly frightening, welcome.

It takes a bit of courage to meet new friends. Comfort zones must be side stepped, schedules must be cleared, outfits must be tried on, and in my case, Spanx must be dug out from the back of the drawer. But let me tell you, it is so worth it, this openness, this expansion, this willingness to commune. These women turned out to be gems, keepers and kindreds. We connected immediately. Non-stop talking, a few tears and belly-laughs filled the afternoon. Both women are intelligent and spiritual and very supportive. My kind of gals. All 3 of us are striving to be the very best versions of ourselves through fits and starts and the occasional scraped knee. We each want peace within and love made manifest in our worlds. I can't wait to see them again.

I tell you, dare to reach out. Dare to expand beyond your tight little world. Start a blog if you haven't already. Be more pro-active on the one you've already got. The rewards are nothing short of amazing. Because community keeps us all sane. And sanity is most inspiring.


  1. Anonymous7/23/2009

    Oh, my -- BIG belly laugh at your mention of the Spanx! Still giggling, actually!

    What you write here? Exactly how I felt about it. :)

  2. Yes, well said indeed!

    I agree wholeheartedly!

    Hooray for us :-)

  3. How wonderful to meet these beautiful soul friends in person! And I laughed when I read about the search for the Spanx...that sounds like something I'd be doing too.

    Here's to new friends who accept us and like us...lumps and bumps and all!

  4. Yes it's great to meet new people, make new friends. You're all blessed. Thanks for this wonderful post my far away friend. If only we could meet soon...Hugs Dagmar

  5. How lovely to get to share some time with these kindred spirits. Sounds like you had a wonderful and enriching day! :)


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