Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Wisdom Within

I am a work in progress. I write electronic letters to myself to serve as guideposts for times I might veer off course. For times I might need a lamp in the dark. For times I forget who I am. Because I write about something does not mean I've mastered the subject. It means I am aware of the importance of the subject. It also means I am aware of the need to capture the wisdom within as it flows from my heart to my unskilled typing fingers. Because everything I need to know lies within myself.

The statistical scores for the 1968 World Series will not be found within me, but everything that is truly of value to live a balanced and blissful life will be. The information bubbles to my conscious awareness and I am compelled to record it, knowing I will forget the poignant information, the clarifying information just when I need it the most. I take dictation from my wise-wired heart and store it within reach for the times I can't seem to punch my way out of a ripped paper bag. For the times I am marred in self-pity. At those times, my wisdom within, my compass, my heart seem faulty. Cloudy. Non-existent. When I need the information God has stored in my being the most, I usually fail to access it. So my motto echoes that of the Boyscouts: Be prepared.

My letters to myself serve to remind me that healing is a slow, but steady process. That responsibility for the flow of goodness into my life is mine. That love is the answer to every question I might have. Because my life's journey evolves in a spiral formation, where lessons are learned in layers and sometimes appear to repeat themselves, my letters often help me in the moment and help me again 3 months from that moment. The wisdom within, stored in my heart, knows the right time to set me down at the keyboard and rattle off a needful notion. It knows what is coming down my spiral path and how far in advance the information must be gleaned. The wisdom within knows exactly what I'll need to weather any storm.

And so I write.

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  1. Anonymous2/01/2007

    And I am glad you write. Your letters to yourself may help others, ... like me. :-) I really just like the way you put things.


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