Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Color My World

Every thought I have colors my world. Every thought I have creates my world. Every thought I have is a living entity, defining my reality and charting my days. I need to be careful what I think. I also need to be careful what I say. Because thoughts and spoken words have power. Power to attract or repel everything that exists or does not exist in my life. Who I am, where I live, what I have and who is in my life, in this moment, is a culmination of my thoughts and words. Is a culmination of a story I have told myself over and over and over. It is the same for you.

In the beginning of anything is the word, spoken outloud or thought in the mind. This word or group of words will define the bones of reality and hold it in place until the word or group of words is changed through conscious choice. An example of this would be the amount of money we have in our lives at any given time. If we find ourselves flush and easily able to attract money, it is because we think we deserve money, we declare we deserve money and we therefore behave as if we will always have money. And so we do. We create the magnetic attraction for money to continually flow into our lives through our thoughts.

Conversely, if we find ourselves constantly lacking and struggling for money, it is because we have told ourselves over and over and over, in one form or another, we don't deserve money, money is hard to come by or we literally repeat outloud to all who will hear us, "We have no money, we have no money, we have no money". And so we don't. We create the constant lack through constant reinforcement in our minds and in our speech.

Our thoughts and words create our relationships and the quality of them. They create our level of happiness and its sustainability. They create our good days and our bad.

If we find ourselves in situations not to our liking, we have a choice. The choice and the responsibility to change our minds. Change our thoughts. Change our words. We are not victims. We are at the mercy of no one. We are empowered through the choice of thoughts we think in our minds. We are empowered by the choice of words we speak to the world and the words we speak to ourselves. We must choose to change those thoughts and words that created the bones of our current reality. We must choose words that support what we truly want. We must think them incessantly. We must speak them incessantly. Until our realities shift and our quality of life rises. "I deserve. I can. I am. I will. I have." All powerful beginnings to thoughts of a positive nature. Thoughts of a life-altering nature.

We must become aware of the countless times in a day we begin our thoughts or words with, " I can't" or "I don't have". We must banish from our internal dialogue the words, "loser" or "stupid" or "idiot". If we truly want to live the golden life, we must color our thoughts and words with more positive choices. We must practice. We must have patience. We must know we have the power to think and speak the life we deserve into being. We can and must create the new story.

{Thank you to Alexandre, the French Wizard of Paint Shop, for my colorful portait!}

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