Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome 2007

Do you feel it? I surely do. This is going to be a good year. An interesting year. A year of positive forward movement. This is a year to journey within while moving about. This is a year to hone self-respect and allow more love to flow. This is a year to invoke creativity, in all areas of life. This is a year, no, this is the year to lighten loads and uncomplicate lives. The journey to a better personal world begins today. Look around, the maps are already being drawn up. The compass is housed in the heart.

My personal map for 2007 began at 12:01am with an awe-inspiring fireworks display seen from the comfort of my living room. 1/2 a block away, in the Village park of Akron, a 20 minute booming light show exploded over my neighborhood. It was pouring rain, so yes, there will likely be tears this year, but more tears of joy than sadness. More light than darkness. More color. More thrills. More mile-wide smiles.

The map continued to unfold shortly after waking this morning. Raindance, my cat in ca-hoots with Angelic messengers, sent yet another breakable object crashing to the floor. Upon inspection, it turned out to be my favorite teapot. It was turned upside down in the middle of the kitchen with lid swept off to the side. It was completely intact, with only 1 chip to the lid. I looked at the ceiling and said outloud, "So, you plan on turning my teapot (read: my world) upside down this year? Fine. As long as there's minimal damage and functionality won't be an issue, I shan't protest too much.

This afternoon the map expanded. My life-long friend, whom I've been sadly out of touch with of late, called to wish me a Happy New Year. It was a balm to my soul to hear her voice and catch up on our lives. Thankfully, blessedly friends will play a major role in the coming year for me, with reconnection likely at the top of the list.

This evening, I will purposefully, intentionally expand my map with meditation and prayers to invoke a more awake and aware connection with God as I see It. I will open my heart and ask for guidance to ensure my journey within and without is always for my highest and best. I will ask for Love to light the way in every moment of 2007, and the wisdom and courage to follow that light.

May your year be good and interesting and positive. May you have the strength to embrace a simpler life. May you exercise greater self-respect.

And above all, may you have the courage to open your heart to all opportunities for love. Be vulnerable. Be brave. Let it out and let it in.

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