Sunday, October 29, 2006

To Decide What Matters

The winds of change are blowing through Buffalo today. As if we haven't been through enough changes. The massive cleanup of "Arborgeddon", (a catchy description of our October storm, as headlined in our cultural newspaper Artvoice.) continues. Massive trucks and multitudinous men are methodically removing massive piles of dead wood. Removing the bones from yard and curb and heaping them into mountains in parking lots throughout the region. The mountains of ground-up bones are steaming.

The aftershock of this natural disaster continues to keep many people unsettled and agitated. Long after the media deems a disaster uninteresting, the effects and the recovery linger in the cells of the region's inhabitants. Ask anyone who's been through the fire, the flood or the quake.

We are agitated because our cells are rearranging. A cleansing has been forced upon us. Ready or not. We are being asked to consider and reconsider what is truly important to us. As individuals and as a community.

Today I am considering and analyzing and making note of what matters to me. Of what my needs are. Of what I will accept into my life and where I must draw the boundary lines. I am considering what I need to feel safe and supported. What I need to feel loved and fulfilled.

While thinking these deep, analytical thoughts, comfort is a necessity. I'm gorging on marzipan and slurping rose petal tea. With all this sugar and caffeine running through my veins, I expect to have redefined my entire life by Tuesday. By Wednesday, I may have decided to move to Scotland and raise sheep or spend 3 months sampling Italy's wines and cuisines. Or I may have decided that communication is the new #1 priority in my waking moments. Or that I need to make meditation a more regular practice.

Whatever I decide, whatever anyone affected by this or any other storm decides, if the decisions made to improve on life are grounded in the energy of love and kindness and respect for the self, the storm, with its agitation and loss, will have served its higher purpose.

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