Thursday, October 05, 2006

Keep In Touch

I am acquainted with touch deprivation. I blame it on my Northern European background, the anti-touch culture of America and my pause between relationships. Lack of touch is proven to be detrimental to infants and children, but little is said about lack of touch in adults. Put simply, lack of touch at any age is devastating. It causes depression, anxiety, anger, insecurity, oversensitivity, people pleasing, difficulty in making decisions and excessive concern for other people's opinions. Lack of touch can be emotionally and physically ruining.

Loving touch, on the other hand, reassures, comforts and heals the human body. Loving touch promotes feelings of security and naturally, feelings of love. Love towards the self and love towards others. Loving touch aids in self expression and aids in the ability to learn. It prevents destructive behavior. It promotes self esteem. It reduces blood pressure.

Three times this past summer, I was witness to the power of loving, hands-on healing. Twice at Lily Dale, (the world's largest Spiritualist community 1 hour south of Buffalo) in the Healing Temple, where gracious healers channeled energy through their hands and laid them on me as I sat before them on a bench. The first time, a pulled muscle in my back was completely comforted and healed within 10 minutes. The second time, emotional discomfort was soothed away as a healer from Eastern Europe whispered prayers over me, along with channeling energy through her hands. Both experiences at Lily Dale were profound, attractive and needful for my inner growth. The third instance of hands-on healing came at a guided meditation where I was able to channel energy through my hands for the benefit of another participant. The energy coming through my hands jerked the participant backwards in her chair before I even touched her. It was in that moment I knew the energy that pulsates through the human hand has to be the most powerful healing agent on this earth. I also knew I was being called to develop this healing ability, which everyone has, for the purpose of healing myself and healing others.

So, I have committed myself to take a weekend-long seminar, in the Buffalo area, geared specifically for hands-on, energy healing. (It begins this weekend.) My ongoing inner shift is dictating the release of background, culture and pauses in favor of healing, love and service. Healing myself, so I can help to heal others. Loving myself, so I can offer love to the world. And serving the God essence that exists in every Soul I meet.

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