Tuesday, October 31, 2006

In Praise of the Unexpected

Among the gaping jack o'lanterns perched on porches around Akron, these painted and bejeweled beauties took me by surprise. How unexpected. How creative. How mind expanding. Who knew that pumpkins did not necessarily have to remain orange? The silver, the blue, the black and the gold spun my insides around and gave me a little thrill. I felt grateful for the quirkiness and the beauty that surfaces when one steps outside the box. When one dares to let the unexpected happen.

I've been living outside my box, my comfort zone for some time now. With people and with choices. I've dared to let the unexpected in, to see what my life could be like beyond the borders of my narrow queendom. I admit it's been unnerving. At times, nerve-wracking. I have had many moments of doubt and simmering discomfort. But tonight I choose to settle my nerves with awareness of how good living outside my box feels.

It feels like adventure.
It tastes like freedom.
It smells like home.

It is expanding my mind, expanding my heart, expanding my soul. It is priming me for great love to wash up on the shore of my narrow queendom and sweep me out into the larger, more bountiful sea.

Courage is what I ask for from the Universe now. Courage to stay open to the unexpected. Courage to praise whatever comes for however long it stays. Courage to keep the doors of my heart flung wide, and the gates of fear shut tight. Courage to keep seeing the beauty outside the box.

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  1. Anonymous3/29/2012

    why do we fear? because we know, we still are not strong enough to not get hurt. fear saves us form getting hurt.
    There are situations in which we fear OTHERS might get hurt...so fear saves them from getting hurt and so ourselves because hurt hearts seek revenge..or just want to balance out

    we do not fear, where are thoughts resonate,are understood and accepted..we do not fear there..we express ourselves to other kindred souls.
    fear tells us we are still not strong, fear tells us to do our homework and get strong. lets not blame fear... it is just trying to save us. lets blame our weaknesses. lets not blame courage for it shows our weaknesses in open. lets know ourselves, lets become strong or may be weak very weak and frail

    may your each step be in awareness of yourself.


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