Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Energy of Love

Do not despair for a world obsessed with murder and mayhem. A world steeped in darkness. A world gone mad. Behind, above, below and amidst that world of insanity and illusion lies a world that is filled with the energy of love. In fact, this world of love~ perilous to pharmaceutical companies, news media, terrorists and governments alike~ is our true reality. This world of love is our heritage. Our present. Our future. Our core essence.

This world filled with the energy of love is right before our eyes. Right within our grasp. And everywhere around us. We have only to put our focus on it and dare to invoke it. We have only to join hands and hearts and march boldly forth into the world of madness and mayhem and pour love over everything in our paths.

This past weekend, myself and 70 other individuals, from varying points on the globe, convened in a hotel ballroom in Buffalo, New York to learn to pour forth the energy of love. We spent 20 hours together, over 3 days, learning to channel this divine and refined energy through our hands and our hearts. We learned to channel this energy, (available to anyone at all times) individually and collectively. All for the purpose of healing ourselves, healing each other, healing the occupants of mother earth.

I have never had such rapt attention for such a sustained period of time. Not one yawn. Not one eye rub. Not one thought of peanut butter icecream. My entire being was captivated by the concept and reality of invoking love for the greater good of all. For the greater good of myself. In a room full of people with the same quest in mind.

In the 18th hour of learning to invoke the energy of love, my life changed forever. In that hour, 2 women among the 70 were placed on chairs in the center of the room. Each woman was dealing with cancer. A ring of new, love-invoking healers surrounded the women, each with a hand on their arms or shoulders or knees. A second ring of healers then surrounded the first. A third, a fourth and a fifth came forward until the ring of healers surrounding the seated women was upwards of 60. Everyone in every ring (I was in the second) was touching the healer in front of them, creating an unbroken energy chain. As one, we drew the energy of love down into our bodies on the inhale and pushed the love out through our hearts on the exhale. It created a concentrated wave that passed through each person in each ring on its way to the women in the center. It was the most incredible sensation imaginable. It was like taking an ethereal bath. What struck me most was the look on the faces of the people I could see. Sheer love. Unabashed love. Willful, powerful, primal love. Full-bodied, core essence invocation and sharing of every ounce they could give. The women in the center literally vibrated in their seats.

And then the sound began. It took me by surprise. A spontaneous, resonant tone spilled out of so many mouths at once. It rose in pitch and flavored the air like no sound I had ever heard before. I was too shocked to join in. I simply listened and let tears spill down my cheeks. It was the first time I had ever heard the sound of love. It pierced my heart.

I am now positive the energy of love is the most powerful force in the world. It changes and rearranges our cells and our souls. I am now positive the greatest conduit of the energy of love is the human hand. When enough of our hearts and hands are joined for the purpose of healing the world, one person and one cause at a time, mayhem will cease. The dark will become light. And our world will be mad for the energy of love.

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