Sunday, October 15, 2006

Beauty in the Aftermath

Nature is my church and my spiritual sanctuary. Trees are the priests, the shamans, the goddesses. Regularly, I get a deep pull within my being to strap on my water-proof hiking boots and receive spiritual wisdom in the great outdoors.

Today, the pull was stronger than usual. I was prompted to find the beauty in the aftermath. To walk among the discarded limbs and leaves sprinkling prayers and blessings. To touch the trunks of those left standing and whisper words of encouragement. I was prompted to give back to Nature what it unfailingly gives to me: solace, love and spiritual peace.

I started in Russell Park, the beautiful green space in the center of the Village of Akron. I walked around and over the remains of long-lived oaks and chestnuts. I asked that the highest good be done for all the trees. I asked for blessings on the transformation of this beloved public space.

I then headed for Akron Falls Park. Murder Creek was a torrent. The long path to the water fall was blocked by dozens of fallen trees. Regardless, I crawled over and under the mangled maze. I splashed through newly created streams of melted snow-water. I sloshed through thick mixtures of orange leaves and slush. And while I crawled and splashed and sloshed the trees spoke to me. They said over and over and over, "We are still here...We are still here."

I began to see the beauty. In everything. The wet leaves on snow. The wet leaves in water. The artistic, sculptural quality to the twisted, broken limbs. The power and majesty that 24" of melted snow adds to a water fall. And the newly-created "keyhole" tree, standing guard and asking all passersby to find the spiritual key that unlocks the wisdom within.

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