Wednesday, January 05, 2011

the house of grace 2

perfectionista be damned.


  1. i cannot express to you how happy this made me - how big it made me smile. those few nerves especially. and, of course, that music.

    i told my mother about this last night and her eyes lit UP! i think she may be building one on her own - lol! she loved it, it made her a child again. and she was full of ideas. :) and that made me happy too!

    i will begin next week. smooches!!!


  2. yay! Mine has begun, but only in my mind, still. i love yours already.

  3. How wonderful!! Looking forward to all the houses & the way they will become a home for your hearts & souls.

  4. i should begin too...and stop worrying about how perfect it should be...

  5. first of all, how lovely to hear your sweet voice!!!

    and the house of grace? fabulous idea! am seriously thinking about building my own house over here.


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