Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the 7 year pheasant

once, a pheasant died
on the road near my home.
i retrieved him.
I blessed his small soul.
and i plucked him.

because i am that kind of girl.

i carried his remains to the woods
 and i laid him down to feed the foxes.

i put his glorious feathers,
in a gold-covered box. 

i kept that box for 7 years.
i never opened it.

until 3 days ago,
 when i lifted the lid.

 i gasped at the softness.

 i cried at the beauty.

and i remembered what kind of girl i am.


  1. you are an amazing kind of girl. simply. amazing.

  2. oh graciel. you are that kind of girl. and i thank the powers that be for that.


  3. Oh those feathers are gorgeous and I can feel them and see them gently falling through the air... just beautiful. I think you need to write a book of poetry - your words are just gorgeous.

    Thanks so much for the kind and loving words regarding my mom. Yes it was such a blow, but I am surviving day by day and that is enough as life certainly is carrying me along.
    blessings to you too,

  4. I could not have done the plucking, but what a treasure you have as a result. I'm sure the foxes were pleased too, all those years ago.

  5. I wouldn't have been able to do the plucking, but those feathers are gorgeous, Graciel.

  6. Anonymous1/27/2011

    I hope a feather or two or more ends up on your dollhouse.

  7. This is so touching, so sensitive. You are amazing.

  8. I'm speechless. Your beautiful words have touched me so deeply. So innocent and fragile.

  9. I love the feathers, love your soul; the kind of girl who lights the world in small flames of beauty, anew every day.


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