Saturday, January 15, 2011

egg. nest. glass.

i am slowing down.
i am seeing things differently.
i am combining elements in sudden ways.

newness floats up from the ordinary.
the lightest whisper has gained weight, importance.
there is so much to do, unhurried.

i wonder about letting go of being some one,
accomplishing anything,
making my mark on the world.

there is a nest, a broken egg.
there is glass. 
round, incompatible textures
begging for fusion,
offering new vision,
defining a world where balance lives,
slow and bursting at the seams.


  1. god, i love this. letting go of being someone. this phrase touches me, tells me i am okay.


  2. that place where balance lives is the place i am looking for.
    okay and this is kind of gross, but i have three whole unbroken blue bird eggs that were abandoned by the parents several years ago. I kept them, i don't know why, they were to gorgeous to throw away. I shudder to think if they ever break open.
    so i have to be very balanced when i move the jar they live in. :)

  3. kelly,

    i have collected abandoned wild bird eggs, too. fear not. eventually the yoke dries up inside, and should you accidentally break them, i promise, it will not be gross.

    xo, graciel

  4. So beautiful, Graciel!! It is an ongoing, & worthy, journey to give up the concept of being someone, accomplishing anything besides the fullness of this one life. And, man!! I LOVE that nest!

  5. Excellent!

    I've already read this three times.

    Thanks for such simple, eloquent wisdom :)

  6. Lovely! Yes, seeing through your eyes the nest with broken egg is beautiful!


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