Monday, January 17, 2011

the buffalo zoo review 1

standing outside, watching the girls through foggy doors

in their element

offering milk and kissing toes

baby "amari", born october 2010

jungle cat, avoiding snow

snow leopard, not minding the single digits

mr. kodiak

because it didn't make sense to go out in such frigid weather, we went, kicking ourselves out of comfort zones and the sloth of winter ways. we layered ourselves like animals and went to spread some love.
i have terribly mixed feelings about zoos. the buffalo zoo is the second oldest in the united states, with antiquated buildings and too little space. the elephant house wrenches my heart. and yet, i feel grateful to see, up close,  the beauty and awe of creatures i would never otherwise encounter. then i go back to the other side of the coin when i see their natural behaviors and instincts squelched, and the psychological damage that ensues from living a prisoner's life.

but we had fun and we laughed, especially at the antics of the otter, and we blessed each soul we saw, hoping that their roles as teachers to the selfish human race would make a bit of difference.


  1. It bothers me emensly..the prisoners life of these animals. There are zoos that provide a more natural habitat. Those are the only ones I can visit, I share your sentiment.

  2. I can't believe the serendipity of your post today...Right out of the blue and with no prompt at all I thought of the poor elephants who had been housed in the zoo in Manchester when I was a girl. Thinking how sad that those magnificent beasts must have been to spend their days housed in a tight enclosure in a city-centre of a Northern England town. Why did I suddenly have those thoughts? Then this very afternoon I switch on my computer and read your post...spooky! The zoo closed down oh, must be over thirty-five years ago now tho' I don't know what happened to all the animals.

    Glad to hear that you had a good day dear friend and here's hoping your blessings make a difference, as none of the animals in your photos look unhappy.

    Hugs, Jane

  3. I am right there with you
    Graciel....I remember going
    to the zoo on a school trip
    when my son was younger...I
    could feel the sadness in the
    eyes of the
    broke my heart...

    I was fortunate enough to travel
    to South Africa & Botswana a
    couple of years see
    these majestic animals in their
    natural habitat was life changing
    for me.

  4. Well said.

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos and sentiments.


  5. oh my. yes, i get exactly what you mean, in fact i haven't been to a zoo since my son was little because it makes me cry.
    when i was little, we made a trip to the buffalo zoo once a year, i remember it fondly, always a picnic in the park afterward.
    the animals are all so beautiful, thank you for sharing this here.

  6. i went to the zoo last winter a few times, too.....i needed something fresh and new.....but no babies were seen. and in the tropical rain forest my camera fogged up so badly that i couldn't take anymore photos for over an hour.....


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