Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the joy project~blue muse

the artist and invoker of the muse, ms. kelly

original metal clay designs

blue muse bracelets. love!!

a favorite adornment

she is a rare combination. artistic talent to share and spare, phenomenal writing skills ( i mean phenomenal)
and a genuine heart. we found each other in this land of blog and made a connection. perhaps it was the commonality of cat fanaticism. or the love of snapping pictures. or the writing. perhaps it was all of it. so, when kelly made it known she was one of 100 select vendors at an art show within easy driving distance for me, i had to go.
and it was there under her blue muse tent, in purple rain boots, surrounded by gorgeousness she and her sister/business partner created, i saw in an instant her genuine heart. i saw, also, her gift for beauty. it was difficult to narrow my selection, (I would have taken every piece), but finally 2 metal clay necklaces won the day. a leaf print with amazonite beads for me, and a heart infused with a paw print for a dear friend's birthday.

we plan to meet again when the leaves turn crisp and colorful. until then, i'll keep track of her art at blue muse headquarters and be awed and inspired by her written word at that's mrs. mediocrity to you.

what a joy to have met you, kelly.

p.s. debi. darlin'. i wish y'all had been there ,too!!


  1. god, i must be hormonal or something, but i am just blubbering big old sappy tears at this. happy sappy tears. LOL! how wonderful that you were able to visit mrs. m. on the job - and how wonderful and joyful indeed she looks. somehow this makes you both seem real to me. :)


  2. well i am blubbering just a little bit myself! (after cringing at my photo of course!)
    it was a joy to meet you, Graciel, truly, and thank you so very much for this, you really did bring tears to my eyes with your kind words. and i am so glad to know you now as more than a voice on a blog but as a special lovely in-person person as well. hugs and hugs to you.

  3. I loved seeing this!! Thanks Graciel!! I dunno Debi, we might have to think @ a road trip...`;-}


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