Friday, August 13, 2010

August 13~ Blue and Creamsicle

I couldn't be more pleased. Blue and Creamsicle are doing fantastic. Blue walks up to the open door of his little home and right into your arms. He purrs and head butts your chin over and over. He genuinely wants to be held. Creamsicle loves, loves, loves having his face rubbed and will now come forward and stand up to be petted. He purrs, he drools. He is his own brand of lover boy.

As much as I will dearly miss these cats, they are getting ready for a home of their own. Do you know of anyone with patience and a heart of gold willing to take them both? Blue is the magician and Creamsicle is the Bodhisattva,  the teacher of compassion. Who ever is wise enough to take these boys into their home and heart will be forever changed. In the best of ways.

You can find them here.


  1. Oh those faces! So precious! It does me so much good to see how happy and content they look, Graciel. I hope they go to a good home soon. Have a good weekend, dear friend. :)

  2. melting, my heart is melting...

  3. Love your detailing of the journey with these 2 sweet boys!!

  4. this is so wonderful to hear. keeping my fingers crossed for these 2 sweeties.


  5. Hi Graciel, Oh how I wish we were nearer, Blue and Creamsicle could definitely find a home with us!

    They have done such a great job at putting their trust back in us humans.


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