Thursday, August 05, 2010

the awakening

here is the key: every one in your life is a bit player on your stage. every player is perfectly scripted to help you understand yourself. everyone acts and reacts to you according to how you are treating yourself at any given time. the goal of each and every encounter is to awaken you to yourself. in that awakening, that awareness, adjustments can be made to keep yourself on track. on track for what? respecting and honoring and loving yourself.

your world will right itself, your dreams will manifest and the course of your days will run smooth, when and only when, you treat yourself with unflinching dignity. constantly. to find out where you're glitching and being ridiculously hard on yourself over and over again, look to the reactions of those around you. listen to what and how they're communicating with you. they are speaking for you the words you tell yourself repeatedly, those unconscious ones that keep you living a small life.

do not lay blame on another. do not be insulted. do not take any of it personally. yes, it's hard. of course, it's hard. but be honest with yourself. what he said is what you say to yourself in one form or another. and you've believed yourself for so long, you're living that lie. he only said it out loud to get you to wake up to your own brainwashing. thank his bit player actions and get on with the business of making amends to yourself for treating yourself like shit. take charge of what you think in your own brain. dare to think you are fantastic. do not give a rat's ass if you can't be perfect. decide to enjoy your quirks.

give yourself a break. and then another one. and another one. lather, rinse, repeat.

eventually, you will awaken to the fact that people have begun to treat you with more dignity. that you are laughing more and people are joining in. you will feel what it is to live hour to hour and day to day in a world of love. a world you have created for yourself, through your awareness and the gifts of bit players. it is worth the work and the vigilant awareness to reprogram the script in your brain. you deserve nothing less than the best this world has to offer. to receive it, awaken and give your best to yourself.


  1. Um, yeah, we are just a tiny bit on the same page.

    Much love and peace to you, Graciel.

  2. Oh, yes!!! So true! Thank you for this! And thank you to me for realizing this & working with it in only around half a century.
    Not bad!!

  3. it is late and i am sleepy and i am so grateful to know you and suddenly i realize how much kinder he is to me than i am to me. he thinks i'm sexy - i say no, no, no. he thinks i can do this or that - i say no, no, no. i will be back when i am awake-er to ponder this.


  4. wow. profound and true and honest and valiant. I might have to print this out and keep it, read it often, maybe even put it up on my refrigerator. this was something i needed to read just now. this was something we all should be saying just now. awaken. you are the best.
    thank you.

  5. Wow! Beautiful picture and words so true. Thank you for sharing your thoughts :)


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