Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Turkish Friends

triple: my favorite 3-legged dog. we met last october
misty: tiny hunter of seagulls
sylvester: winner of the most charming cat award
bongo: sweet, half-tailed ghost of the music district
bodhisattva: subway guardian, offering salvation in disguise


  1. Oh you sweet are an open door for love when it comes to animals. Give them a huge hug from me will you.

    When can we see a peek of the Gipsy King soon?
    Hugs me.

  2. Sweet creatures everywhere! It is a good thing I am not there with you, I have a feeling my suitcase would be filled live cargo on the way home...

  3. Anonymous4/21/2010


  4. Such very sweet faces on all. Nice to meet them. :-)

  5. I want to be where you are with all these beautiful creatures.


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