Thursday, April 15, 2010

Glimpses Of Istanbul

blue mosque hiding
grape hyacinth
daily propane delivery
female riot police at a protest rally
recycling paper:  pick up by over-sized hand cart
my compulsion
imagined glamour at the street-side cafe: 
resting with my bag of lunch meat for cats.


  1. I love the grape hyacinth "sea." Wow!

    And that looks like REAL glamour, not imagined, to me!

    Looks like you are having a fabulous time, Graciel. I'm so happy for you!

  2. I heart that kitty - thank you. And you look mahhhvelousss!! You do! Wow! Chilly enough for a leather jacket?

    And more luscious flowers - I have NEVER seen grape hyacinth like that - I only see them one at a time, in plastic pots at the stores, waiting for me to buy them. :)

    Love all of these - the blue mosque, the recycler, the propane truck on a gorgeous street, and wow again! Female riot police - not only that, beautiful female riot police. I have a feeling Angelina Jolie is lurking in there somewhere!

    Love you much. Bless you and have fun! A pet on all the kitty's heads from me.


  3. You look glamorous AND contented...the perfect combination! You do realize that your pic's are pulling me to Turkey? We have family living in Dubai so it would just be a hop, skip and all that.

    I'm basking in your bliss...hugs to you and the GK.

  4. Anonymous4/15/2010

    I gasped when I saw the sea of grape hyacinth! I just wish I could scratch and sniff the picture. The scent there must be intoxicating!
    And by the way, your glamour is not imagined, my dear. You are glamour.
    I love you oodles!

  5. Yes, glamour indeed! And gracious graciel, so sweet to all the many will stowaway in your suitcase when you return?
    It all looks lovely, and wonderful, and so very, very you.

  6. Anonymous4/16/2010

    Female riot police, need I say more?

  7. Female riot police? All female? How sexist! What, females are disposable??? Throw some men in there too for good measure- like 50/50 would be good. :)

    Other than that I'm loving your pics of Istanbul-and wishing you a passionate and fun holiday with your King!! xo

  8. Gillian~ worry not! the male riot police were lined up in front of them with clear shields and lots of radio-thingies. i was more fascinated by the ladies. they looked so beautiful...and the protest remained loud, but peaceful.


  9. heeey love to see you enjoying. thanks for sending out these ordinary day of life pics from Istanbul.


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