Monday, April 12, 2010

Fussing and Feeding

Without missing a beat, I am at it again. Fussing and feeding the stray cats of Istanbul. I have met some terribly ill ones (the grey and white in photo #2) who may not see the summer arrive. I have met some charmers who showed up on my balcony just in time to lick the plate and walk into the room, don't-mind-if-I-do. And the trio down the street: the kitten, the almost-mother and the white with 3 legs, they waited for kibble that couldn't be found and settled for pre-packaged lunch meat instead.

The cats I discover tomorow will feast on Champion chicken bits, divided in baggies and stashed in my purse, ready to dole on demand. There are alot of mouths to feed and most seem surprisingly well off. It is unnecessary for me to fuss. But it is impossible to hold back. Aside from the Gypsy King, the cats in the streets are my greatest Turkish delight. 


  1. Anonymous4/12/2010

    I'm thinking of you always. Your blog is such a joy. Remember when it was brand-new, and I knew *everyone* should be reading this lovely woman I met by chance so I couldn't stop telling everyone about you? :-) I still think that, but now you have so many fans spreading the word. I love you, and I am excited for whatever adventure you have found yourself on.

    Give those Turkish cats a pat from me.

  2. your heart is so big and open and kind. xoxo.

  3. I love that you are carrying around food for these cats, but of course, you would. And a 3 legged cat! Poor baby, but it sounds as if all is fine.

    Thank you so much for sharing your Turkish delights!


  4. Oh you know you are tugging at my heart strings with this many cats can one rescue in one's life? good and sweet and kind of you, and you have made this very crazy cat lady very very proud!

  5. my jealousy is curbed only by my happiness for you and the Gypsy King. Love you and Miss you.

  6. Ha, I'm gladd for the cat's you are there to make them happy.
    Blessed soul is what you are.
    Love D.


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