Friday, April 09, 2010

The Land Of Tulips

Because my computer has been practically busted for a week and good grief I had so much to do in that week, you were not aware I was leaving and that I have since arrived in the land of tulips. The original land, not the land of windmills and wooden shoes. I am in Istanbul. And dear God, there are 3 million tulips in bloom. Right now.

So, give me a chance to get over my worse-than-last-time jet lag, and get my bearings with the Gypsy King and snap some proper pictures of the local color explosion. And I will be back.

I've missed you. Hope you are well. 


  1. Looking forward to photos, but also just wanted to tell you that I want to go to Turkey... have wanted to for years. So enjoy yourself!!

  2. Anonymous4/09/2010


    Jumping up and down doing the happy dance for you!!!!

    Yay for tulips (among other things!) in Istanbul!

    OH MY :-D

  3. I did not know you were going! Have a wonderful trip and oh I can't wait to see all your wonderful photos. Enjoy and savor every moment!

  4. woohoooo!!! Have fun Gracie!

  5. Anonymous4/10/2010

    How wonderful to hear you are where your soul is most joyous!!
    Enjoy your visit!

  6. Hurrah! Home is where the heart is~ and for now, you are there:)

  7. Oooooh Istanbul!!! How very amazing Graciel. Enjoy and soak in every moment. xoxo


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