Sunday, January 06, 2008

A New Day

The word of the day is "new". New music to listen to, new tea to drink, new curtains to hang on my window. New-to-me effects on my computer to play with, new authors to read, new business to lift out of my brain and into the 3rd dimension. This day and this month and this year are all about new beginnings. Numerologically, 2008 is a "one" year and ones mean new beginnings. New opportunities. New adventures. New levels of awareness.

The most important "new" of this day and this month and this year for me will be a new mindset. It will take a conscious effort on my part to be open to new things, new people, and new thoughts. To welcome anything new and fresh and beneficial, I will need to change my mind about the way I see my world. I will need to disregard and move beyond inhibiting patterns of thought, like the one that covertly tells me I don't quite deserve the same level of goodness I see others allowing themselves to have. Or the one that overtly tells me that to be seen is to be made vulnerable. And vulnerable is not in the comfort zone.

This is the time in my life, this is the year in my life to come out of the comfort zone to a greater degree than I have previously felt capable. Because, really, what am I waiting for? Why hold back any longer? Approval isn't going to be any more forthcoming from outside sources this year than it was last year. So now is the time to say," I need no one's approval but my own. I'm doing it anyways". It will be up to me and my new thoughts about myself to invoke the adventures I crave and deserve. It will be up to me to think differently and say "yes" to opportunities. It will be up to me to create, through my thoughts, the world I'm ready to embrace. Come hell. Come high water. Come sputters and doubts and quaking boots.

It's time to travel more. It's time to create more. It's time to stop denying myself goodness. There are new hearts to welcome and new levels of compassion to attain towards myself. Join me, if you will, in making 2008 the sworn year of new and positive beginnings.


  1. So it is, sister! Indeed, see ourselves in a new light, live our lives in a new light! Be the person we see ourselves as! It is our destiny!

  2. magic

    that's 2008 for me

    and when it arrives i will share
    it with you:)

  3. Dear G-
    It breaks my heart to see you think sometimes that you don't quite deserve the same level of goodness you see others allowing themselves to have. Why oh why?


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