Monday, January 14, 2008

My Essential Yoga

This morning, my world was turned upside down. In a good way. All because of Yoga. I have been the blessed recipient of unintentional private Yoga lessons each Monday morning since last September. I joined a new studio and have been the only dedicated soul to claim Monday mornings as the best time for my practice. Each week I am inspired and planted more firmly on a course of contentment. Each week I am asked to set an intention for my session and my forthcoming days. ( Today: "go with the flow") Each week I get stronger and more willing to find out just what my body can do. And what my body can do is more than I ever thought possible.

Yoga is helping me to understand just how open I really am, even when there are too many days I think I am closed. It is helping me to understand how willing I am to try new things and how willing I am to be my own best support system. The postures and breath work are aiding me in stability and awakening me to my inner resources. If I can hold myself in a position longer than last week, I know I am getting stronger on all levels of my being, not just the physical. If I can reach just a bit farther than last week, I know I am becoming more flexible in all areas of my life.

So, this morning, when I was encouraged to try inverted postures, I knew my world would be turning upside down this week. With the help of my instructor, Kathy, I managed 2 handstands. With the help of a wall and Kathy's encouragement, I managed 1 smooth headstand. Strength keeps building, new perspectives are being embraced and if my world does turn upside down, I will have the fortitude to meet it. Hopefully, with grace.

{For anyone Yoga-curious living in the Buffalo, NY area, please give my new friend, Kathy, a visit at her studio. Find out how Yoga can change your perspective about yourself and build strength on all levels. Essential Yoga is located at 9830 Main St. in Clarence, across from the post office. Call 716-759-7303 for rates and class schedules.}

Photo of inverted Kestrel is a stock photo image. One of my favorites...


  1. Anonymous1/16/2008

    My dear SF-G, I hope you still remember me. It's been too long. The Holiday rush, some family issues, a blog hacker(!), and a case of the depression grabbing hold of me once again depleted my energy. I'm resurfacing and I always am drawn back to you like a magnet. My blog was compromised, I was going to quit, but my girls have taken it over and will help write for it (a school project for them too!). I'm floundering and I know why, I need a better purpose. Perhaps our women's blog...maybe it is time. I ended up not being able to travel, but I would like to venture out this spring, is the invite still open? :-) You are still my touchstone and favorite writer. I finally got out of SU too! That was an immense relief. Hence the name change. I want to be known by my proper name. New blog for personal jotting down of thoughts at but it has no clear direction yet either. Big love.

  2. Head stands and handstands.........doesn't that make you feel so in command of your body! I am impressed. My children have been doing yoga since they were 5. Whenever my daughter is happy, she does a headstand.

  3. I am back to yoga now ~ but
    about a year ago I did a few
    handstands (with help)
    and it felt sooo amazing:)

  4. Happy congratulations on your headstands and handstands! I haven't yet progressed to those inversions yet. I've been taking yoga for three years, mostly to help with fibromyalgia, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis and problems from a transitional vertebrae. Little by little, I am seeing relief as things very slowly straighten themselves out. I am looking forward to the day I will be doing inversions!


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