Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Goddess Shift

For the women I know and love, and the women I have yet to know and come to love, and the women I will never have the privilege to meet, take heart, Dear Ones. We are individually and collectively in the midst of a shift. A shift of magnificent proportions. A shift of focus. A shift of purpose. A shift instituted and driven by the force of Love. We are in the midst of the Goddess Shift.
If you are awake and aware, you have no doubt felt the effects of this shift. It is felt in the hours of depression that seep into your daily round. It is felt in the tears that fall for unclear reasons. It is felt in the yearnings for something that cannot be named. It is felt in the unexpected happiness that swells in your heart when you peer through the doorway of a new-to-you world. The seeping and falling and yearning and swelling are signals that the life you have been leading is asking to evolve. Evolution is pressing at your window, asking you to let go of outmoded self-deprecation, outmoded dependencies, and outmoded excuses for playing small.
The upheaval or unease or new twinkle in your eye is shifting your personal evolution into a higher gear. A gear that is needful to keep pace with the coming opportunities to blanket the world with more Love. What is required to blanket the world? Women in charge of themselves. Women who have slurped rancid water from gutters and risen above those gutters one limb at a time. One small effort at a time. One small prayer and one pound of emotional strength at a time. Women who have found the strength of Goddesses in the marrow of their beings and lifted themselves above the manic fray. This is what Love requires to heal the world of its ills. You are being asked to heal yourself, so you may assist in the healing of others.
Upheaval and depression and new ideas that catch your attention are shifting you out of your old lesser-self and ushering in a refined, more balanced inner beauty. The shift can be painful, depending on how invested you have been in playing small and dismissing your value. The sooner you understand how important you are, how precious you are and how much your personal gifts can contribute to the healing of the world, the sooner the shift becomes bearable. Navigable. Enjoyable.
You are a participant in this Goddess Shift because you have something no one else can contribute to the healing puzzle. You have a brand of love that the world cannot balance itself without. Keep rising up one limb at a time. Keep crying until the vision of your true beauty becomes clear. Keep telling yourself you are capable enough to fulfill your needs. Keep exploring. Keep praying. And along the way, keep one hand out to help the next shifting Goddess stay on track.
See yourself. Heal yourself. Allow the shift. And do your part to blanket the world with Love.


  1. sugarfreeseer1/20/2008

    Eternity flows from beyond the realm of perception.
    As we perceive, is as we see.
    We are never far from the heart as we seem.
    Love is found in Eternity as one in us.
    Received this from a Goddess long gone, thought it fitting to share with you in light of The Goddess Shift.

  2. Of all the blogs....(and there are far many too wonderful)...yours speak as if it speaks to no one else but me.

    You have no idea how much I needed this encouragement....

    " I have brand of love that the world cannot balance itself without..."

    I will remember this always...Thank you.

  3. blanket the world with love

    I love that so much:)

    I love you!

  4. KasiaBlue1/23/2008

    Every tear you shed, cleanses your soul. Every time you are pushed, your battle cry becomes stronger. Everytime you give your love, the world becomes lighter.

    You are an inspiration to all who have come to know you as friend.

    Much love,

  5. What a joy to come to your site...thank your for your deep and powerful words.

  6. pranayama2/02/2008

    A true inspiration. All women must come to know and accept their true inner selves. When we practice compassion, we have peace within ourselves and within our world.

  7. Anonymous2/09/2008

    I will read this every single day for the rest of my life if that is what it takes to really feel and believe. It does hurt, terribly so, to be small and to smush yourself down into the little box you think you belong in. Oh to someday be able to blanket the world with love as you do.

    Here's to June(?). :-)

  8. Very inspiring. Often times as women, we put down others to make ourselves look better, when what we need to be doing is helping one another make it through these troubling times of today's society.


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