Sunday, January 27, 2008

What Do You Love?

Today, I want you to quiet your monkey-mind. The part of your mind that swings wildly from one illusion to another. From one worry to another. From one judgement to another. I want you to practice focusing the part of your mind that leads you into made-up trouble on something positive. Practice focusing for one minute. Yes, just one minute. I want you to think about what you love. Not who you love. That's another minute. This minute, I want you to think about what you love. Because it takes a bit of concentration and the monkey-mind must come to a rest while thinking positive thoughts.

While you're contemplating, I'll share with you what I love:

*The first scent of apple blossoms in May
*Orange roses
*The laughter of the red-bellied woodpecker
*Stained glass windows
*Lancet arches
*The color cerulean blue
*Rose petal tea
*European chocolate
*Hiking along a creek
*Autumn leaves
*Every single bird
*Skeleton keys
*The poetry of Pablo Neruda
*Hot wine soup
*Moonlight on snow
*Red shoes

Like me, you will find that one minute is highly insufficient for focusing on things you love. One minute could easily turn into hours. And those pleasant hours will seem like minutes.
You see, love is the secret to making everything more positive. Focus on love and illusion retreats. Focus on love and worries abate. Next time your monkey-mind is swinging out of control, take a deep breath and focus on anything you love. Keep a list handy of your personal, positive loves and refer to it in times of need. Add to your list on a daily basis.
When you turn your thoughts to something highly personal and highly positive, blood pressure drops. Tears dry up. Shoulders relax. Give your mind a needed rest. Focus on what you love.


  1. What a beautiful meditation! I came upon your site from Congratulations on being honored!

    I have just entered the world of blogging & am glad I happened upon your site because we seem to have a similar philosophy: peace & the individual.

    I plan to bookmark your site & keep up with your posts. Thanks for creating positive energy in the world.

    Oh, and if you're ever interested, my blog's name is:

  2. susan@80O1/27/2008

    "Focus on love and illusion retreats." Brilliant!

  3. Didn't know how else to contact you, so decided to leave another comment...

    Thank you for taking the time to review my blog, and for your kind words. I found them encouraging. Please know that I've added your link to my favorite blogs & will encourage others to visit it.

    All the best,

  4. Anonymous1/28/2008

    OK..I will get back to writing about fundamentalism, but this piece is the perfect antidote to the mire of that subject and I need a time out. I'm going to add my own version of it over at my place, but the architecture belongs to you..thanks!

  5. Focus on "What" I love....not "Who" I love...' goodness..your right'..I have been focusing too much on the who's and have totally forgotten the whats....

    Time to love the starting now..

  6. Anonymous1/31/2008

    Sometimes I feel like I should be paying you therapy fees because no one gets through to me like you do or helps my heart, mind and soul like you do. I truly love you SF-G.

  7. I guess I focus on the who I love so often, that I forget about the little things in life. Often times worrying how things are not and could be, instead of focusing on the small things in life that makes me happy.


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