Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Stones Of My Desire

I have a desire to embrace and love the world. A longing to understand other people, other cultures, other ways of expressing joy. If desires are pure and heart-based, if they serve a higher purpose and open doors for more goodness to rush in, the Universe is obliged to fulfill them. The Universe will scatter the stones that create the path to walk boldly into the arms of desire. 3 months ago, the stones of heaven began raining down on the uncharted land before me. A path was formed. An opportunity was created. Desire beckoned me forward.

3 months ago, I began a technology-facilitated conversation with a man from another country. A country I have given little heed to in my life, despite the ongoing media blitz. A man from ancient Babylon, now known as Iraq. Fascination, revelation, humor and endearment are the hallmarks of our daily contact. It thrills me and pains me and enriches me to hear about his daily life and his larger life in a country filled with torment.

Surprisingly, we have more in common than would be initially conceived. No religious affiliation, a love of laughter, a search for truth, the same limited palette for wine. We do, however, have different levels of tolerance for issues of human behavior. Where he beats me hands down is in tolerance of the self. My desire to know the world, to know compassion and tolerance for the world, has led me rocketing back to my own inner world. The world a man thousands of miles away can accept and appreciate and applaud. The world I compulsively judge and question and find lacking.

My fascination and revelation lie in the Universal truth that one cannot have tolerance for the world if one does not have tolerance for the self. In seeking the outer, I am ultimately seeking the inner. Because bottom line, the is no outer world. Everything is a reflection of the one mind and body and soul reacting to itself. To love and embrace the world, I must love and embrace myself. No judgement. No questions. No lack.

The Universe knew to scatter the stones of my desire between Buffalo and Baghdad. It knew my secret desire, my first desire was to love and embrace myself. It knew precisely, in all the world, the soul to facilitate and tolerate and beckon me onward to higher purpose. It knew time and distance and impossibility do not exist when love and all worlds are waiting to be embraced.


  1. this blossoming friendship sounds like such a gift xo

  2. Anonymous4/01/2007

    An opening of doors is a blessing. Also remember that an opening of doors brings an opening of doors unseen, as I have found for myself. Remember to not rely on your desires, but your truths.

    Bless your sprouting.


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