Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bless the World

I subscribe to the idea that thoughts and words have power, that thoughts and words create reality. Both individual and collective realities. My world, my reality is a tapestry of thoughts and ideas I have repeated to myself over and over. My world is reinforced, torn down or built anew based on self-talk, as well as mental and verbal declarations. As I think, so shall I be. In the beginning was the Word. Argue with me all you want, but the exact same principle applies to you. It also applies to the world at large.

The human world, in its current delicate state, is a tapestry of agreed-upon thoughts, beliefs and declarations. The prolific "ain't it awful" diatribe heard in every office building, every shopping mall, every sports bar, and every diner, to say nothing of the private home, is a contributing factor to the chaos the world is currently in. Negativity, pessimism, hopelessness, and prejudice are powerful creative forces we are all collectively, and unknowingly unleashing on the world. Our individual private worlds, and the world as a whole.

What do we do to take back our power, to strengthen the state of human affairs, to save the world from human blight? We start talking. We start declaring positive, optimistic, hopeful and unbiased words to each other and to ourselves. We take back our power by thinking more carefully before we speak. By refusing to engage in the "ain't it awful" conversations. By choosing not to slander races and religions and regions of the planet we know nothing about.

What else do we do to save the world and save ourselves? We ask the God of our choice to intervene on our behalf and the behalf of any situation that concerns us. We speak the command, we ask to receive, we invoke through our thoughts and our words the most powerful Force in existence.

Worried about the current, chaotic direction of the United States of America? Ask God to bless America. Ask it over and over without insisting on how that blessing is to be doled-out and received. Worried about the devastation and death and war in Iraq? Ask God to bless Iraq. Ask every single day. Ask passionately. Ask without condition. Let God invoke the ways and means to support the Iraqi people in a dignified, sustainable and loving manner. Let our collective, powerful words assist in the creation of stability in the cradle of civilization.

Concerned about the ethnic cleansing in Darfur? Ask God to bless Darfur. Concerned about the child sex-slave trade in Cambodia? Ask God to bless Cambodia. Don't despair, don't feel helpless, don't give up. Use the power at hand in your living room in Topeka, in Liverpool, in New Dehli, in Santiago. Use the power of thought and the spoken word to assist in the creation of a more loving reality for the human race. Speak to uplift. Speak to rebuild. Speak to bless the world.

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  1. Anonymous4/15/2007

    Oh! so true, my Schmoo. The law of attraction is always present and the laws of the Universe are always obedient. We've all heard, "Be careful what you wish for." The subconcious does not know what is real and what isn't. Our thoughts and energies into these thoughts must be handled with responsibility.


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