Monday, April 09, 2007

The Great Madness

I have moments of madness. Lengthy minutes of self doubt. Blinding flashes of crumbling confidence. In the madness, I am paralyzed. Wings are severed from my body. Blood pulses at a deafening pace. Hope and reason are seemingly lost.

In the madness, the familiar madness, I have learned to pray. I have learned to remove myself from the opinions of others and convalesce in the presence of God. We meet most often on the floor, with a lavender blanket and a cup of tea. On the floor, wrapped in the blanket, I sit and ask for guidance. I sit and listen. I simply sit.

In the convalescent silence, madness meets its doom. Wings are reattached. Blood quietly flows. God whispers to my quiet mind of hope and reason and great truth. God reminds me that my truth is different from the truth of others and that the secret of bliss, the secret of inner peace, lies in heeding the taylor-made guidance for me. The guidance that says, my heart alone has the answers to my questions. My heart alone has the direct link to God's atlas for my path and its quality. My heart alone is the only opinion that matters in matters of my life, my love and my bliss.

And so it is with you. Sit through the madness. Care not for the opinions of others. Allow the presence of God, the whispers of God, to direct your truth and your life. Feel your wings unfurl and allow the moment-to-moment bliss you richly deserve. There beyond the great madness, there beyond the self doubt, in the presence of God we will meet. All truths will be honored, all hearts confirmed, all wings will have strength to fly.


  1. I agree. this is very true.

  2. Very beautifully written. Very true.


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