Monday, April 23, 2007


The physical environment within our homes contributes to the quality of our lives. We are constantly involved in an energy exchange with the things we choose to live with. The quality and the energy have to do with our reaction to the things we bring in and keep in our environment. Every object either lifts us up or weighs us down. Stagnates us or sets us free. Enriches us or depletes us. If we love something or need something, it contributes positive energy to our daily lives. If we don't like something, are indifferent to it, or if we're hoarding something out of fear, it serves as an energy drain. That drain contributes to ill health, ill thoughts and lack-luster lives. To increase our energy, boost our health and uncover the missing luster, we can choose to change the atmosphere within our homes. We can choose to get rid of the crap.
Crap is defined as: clothes that are stuffing closets that haven't been worn in 2 years. ( We are either too fat, too thin, or we never liked the rags from the get-go). Magazines in piles, read and unread. (We can live without the uptight recipes from Martha's kitchen. There simply aren't enough hours in the day). The lamp or the vase or the drippy picture of butterflies that Aunt Evelyn gave us for our wedding or that milestone birthday. ( Since when do we need to live with Aunt Evelyn's taste, especially when it is not ours? We'll tell her the vase was victimized by the cat). Receipts from 10 years ago, books we will never read again, kitchen appliances dead in the back of the cabinet, slivers of soap neatly stored under the bathroom sink. Crap is anything that serves no purpose, does not enhance our lives and takes up valuable space in our limited space.
Often we feel paralyzed when facing the daunting task of getting rid of our crap. We have so much, we'll never get through it all, Aunt Evelyn will be mad at me... and on the excuses go. Where do we start? We start with one closet. One cabinet. One drawer. One cluttered counter top. We make a small commitment and go forth from there. We look carefully at each object and ask if it makes us happy. We consider if we truly need it. We reclaim our space, one small effort at a time. We surround ourselves with only things that we love, and that serve our higher good. We recycle, donate and remove the rest.
Harmony and happiness and good health lie beneath the clutter and crap. We must take charge of our personal environments. We must make them a true reflection of our goodness and worth. We must let the positive energy we deserve flow freely in our homes if we want it to flow freely in our lives.

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  1. Anonymous4/24/2007

    Been doing this for two years now. It feels good. You been cohorting with my brother?

    The most important thing to remember- If you are hoarding stuff, you sre not trusting in the universe to provide.


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