Thursday, July 20, 2006


I've made decisions. I've taken action. I've focused my energy. I've knelt, I've laughed, I've stilled my mind. I've taken small risks. I've tried new things. I've whispered sweet nothings in my own ear. All in support of opening my heart and opening my life. Suddenly, Providence has moved.

The Powers That Be feel as if they are supportng me more because I am supporting myself. In our energy-filled Universe, where like vibrates with like, the decision to more lovingly support myself has caused the manifestation of more goodness in my life. The opportunity for that goodness is always there, right in front of me. But only when I eat, sleep and breathe loving kindnes towards myself can I see the opportunities. Can I embrace the opportunities. Can I live the opportunities.

My goodness has come in many and varied forms of late. One highlight was a short-notice opportunity to hear Matthew Fox, the world-reknowned spiritual rabble-rouser, give an impassioned talk at a Buffalo church. Matthew spoke about the need to invoke more social justice, compassion and love in our religious lives. He spoke about the need to turn our focus off the shameful discrimination of homosexuals, a full 10% of any population, and channel that energy towards saving Nature before we completley destroy it. He spoke about the need to honor the feminine as fully equal to the masculine. He spoke about the need to channel the male, warrior energy away from creating war and destruction and towards saving the environment and defending the family. To my utter delight, Matthew even spoke about embracing the archetypical feminine energy represented by Mary Magdalene.

A second highlight was the glorious opportunity to attend Summer Floral Camp. A 2-day retreat for floral designers. Led by Peter, the infamous Dutch floral designer, our small group was instructed on the newest, most sought-after looks in the world of cut flowers. Lectures and laughter and hands-on design opportunities made for a fruitful experience. Much to my amazement, we each took home the arrangements we created. My home is now laden with 114 flowers (I counted) in varied vases and containers. Each arrangement feels like a trophy to my success for increasing my kindness towards myself. 114 gates to my heart.

It feels good to quell the inner critic. It feels good to be more respectful of my boundaries. To say "yes" to myself more often. To accept the skin that I'm in. It feels good and right and delightfully heady to have Providence back on my side.

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