Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pot of Gold

Every one has access to a pot of gold. That access, however, may appear to elude us for years, decades or an entire lifetime. We may search and strive and suffer to find our pot of gold. We may chase rainbows. We may hunt Leprechauns. We may give up entirely, believing the pot is only there for a chosen few to find. But the pot of gold remains, shining and overflowing and accessible to any who know where to look.

The all-access key to the pot of gold can be found in the chambers of the heart. Every heart. Yours, mine, and the guy down the street. Within the chambers lies the vital, yet often dormant talent that God encoded there. A talent no one else in the world will possess. A talent no one else in the world will be able to imitate. A talent uniquely our own, waiting and hoping to see the grand light of day.

Wealth, fulfillment or the pot of gold is really a consequence, a natural outpouring of using the God-given talent within us. Often, we have many talents. How do we know which one is the true access point to the pot of gold? Our hearts would answer: It is the talent that most serves humanity. It is the talent and interest we can sustain day after day, year after year. The talent we would choose to express if we never got paid a dime to use it. The talent that brings us the most inner joy.

Access to our own pot of gold is therefore a choice. A choice to discover or cover, use or deny the singular talent, the singular expression of God found within the chambers of our hearts.

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