Thursday, July 13, 2006


To be healed is to agree to be healed. There is no cure for our ills unless we accept and trust and participate in our own healing. There is no cure unless we follow our instincts. To the letter. Because we know and our bodies know what we need to be healed. Of everything.

The direction and prescription to cure our personal imbalances lie within the stillness of our minds and the openness of our hearts. Stilling the mind requires us to breathe deeply and consistently until the fears that run wild through our waking moments slow to a crawl. Opening our hearts requires us to spread wide our arms, thrust forward our breast bones and tilt chins to the sky. In the presence of a still mind and an open heart, instincts are revealed. Answers are revealed. Miracles are set in motion.

While still and open, whispers can be heard urging us to take action on our own behalf. Urging us to allow ourselves to be healed. "Call a doctor. Call a friend. Stop drinking. Forgive your father. Get acupuncture. Say no. Take vitamins. Research options. Walk away. Accept touch. Eat less. Stop lying. Cry."

Our instincts may lead us away from convention or they may lead us directly to it. Whatever the stilled and opened impulse is, we must follow it. Trust it. Act on it. Accept it. Consistently and with patience. We must agree to give our whole selves over to the process of healing. We must know that we know what to do for ourselves. We must agree the cure for everything lies within.


  1. I concur! To heal, you must first give yourself permission to do so. Look yourself in the mirror, and believe that you are entitled to the same understanding that you so willingly give to others.

  2. Great site lots of usefull infomation here.


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