Monday, July 10, 2006

The Bridge~ Chapter 2

I've been converted. I'm now one of those women who may just launch herself across a room when a baby enters it. At least I'll launch for little Miss Eleanor.

I had the deep, good fortune this past weekend to have a 2nd bridge-building session with my cousin's daughter, Eleanor, the 9 week old master architect. Eleanor is teaching me to build a bridge between my heart and my mind. A bridge that allows more love and goodness to flow into my life. Eleanor, in ca-hoots with angels and faeries and God Itself, has made it her early mission in life to burst open the doors of my tentative heart. In this 2nd session, she used dynamite.

I am now smitten and gushing and addicted. Like the Grinch, I swear my heart grew so big holding Eleanor, I think it burst out of my blue shirt. It's shear genius on the part of the Universe to employ a seemingly innocent, non-threatening baby to open my heart and bridge it with my mind. Eleanor is a mere 12 pounds, but rest assured, when it comes to weapons of love, she and her kind are explosive.

Now that my heart is opening wider, I will be more capable of receiving. Receiving opportunities, receiving support, receiving love. I will see things more clearly. I will live a larger life.

My 3rd bridge-building session will be with a different architect. The lovely, little Eleanor is moving to Israel in 3 weeks. She and her parents are off on a 2 year, whirlwind diplomatic mission. I won't see her again for at least a year. By then, she'll be a completely different person. Thanks to her efforts, so will I.

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