Thursday, March 14, 2013

50 Movies (not even close)

I'm not that much of a movie-goer, even less a stay-at-home movie watcher. I own all of 3. So, when Kelly proclaimed the next list of "50" in her year-long celebration of all things fifty, I doubted I could join in. Add to that my favorite movie partner died last August, and the list of viable favorites, especially current, felt thin. Very thin.

Or so I thought.

When I put my mind to it, I suddenly remembered beautiful films from long ago and treasured memories of having shared some fairly recent ones. I could not, however, come close to 50.

Regardless, it was an exercise in delight and warmth to remember how much I liked each of these stories. The top 3 are the top 3. Emma Thompson is hands down my favorite actress. I have no true favorite actor, although I have been known to idolize the brilliance of Viggo Mortensen. I like foreign films and fabulous costumes. I like to be made to think, and I abhor violence and suspense. Apocalypse Now and The Exorcist ruined me. Disney and Pixar make me happy.

1. The Return Of The King~ I am no man...
2. The Remains of The Day
3. Dead Poets Society~ Oh, Captain, my Captain...
4. Sense and Sensibility
5. Howard's End
6. Cinema Paradiso
7. The King's Speech~ that tattered, gorgeous wall...
8. Life is Beautiful~ the gift of bravery
9. The Piano
10. Being There
11. Toy Story I & II~ I have never laughed harder...
12. Harold and Maude
13. Witness
14. Chocolat
15. Beauty and the Beast (Disney)
16. Shine
17. Carrington~ the home as canvas...
18. The Fisher King
19. The Unbearable Lightness of Being
20. Benny and Joon
21. Amelie
22. Shrek
23. Billy Elliot
24. Wit
25. American Beauty
26. Groundhog Day
27. The Help
28. Terms of Endearment~ Shirley...
29. Slumdog Millionaire
30. A Beautiful Mind
31. Saturday Night Fever~ the Bee Gees rule...
32. Dr. Zhivago~ my Mother's most favorite film and the theme song of my childhood...

What are your favorites? Here are Kelly's and Debi's.


  1. This would be a difficult list for me to compile, as I don't watch many movies. I love Chocolat, Beatrix Potter, and now I will have to think real hard.

  2. Oh, so many good ones! And we have so many in common. I almost had Benny and Joon on mine, I just love that one. I think Emma Thompson and Johnny Depp should make a movie together.....

  3. i've tried to find carrington - impossible to rent, expensive to own, but it looks fabulous. the day will come when i happen upon a copy because that's how stuff works.

    and yes, that tattered, gorgeous wall.


  4. Anonymous3/14/2013

    How about Water for Elephants? (and the book is even better)

    1. I have not seen the movie, as I am not a movie-goer by trade or habit. The book, I loved!


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