Monday, August 27, 2012

waiting for quench

tribute flowers at the lake

it is 5 days since she left.

yesterday, there was the lake of solace.
i threw myself in it; cleansing, baptizing, paddling life back into my limbs.
there was family at the lake, thankfully.
we held her in prayer with sorrow, with smiles.
the kingfisher swooped by in benediction.

today, there is rot and sour in my fridge.
a month's neglect, everywhere.
i wander room to room, silently.
there is pain in my body, hers and mine.
child's pose offers 2 minutes relief.

then, in my backyard, the profusion of birds all recently born.
they swarm over the lawn, chattering.
the bath is filled, wing to wing,
with cleansing and quenching of thirst.
a young cardinal joins in the fray.

now, the rain.
at last.
i stand on the lawn with the brittle trees,
waiting for quench.

the rain feels cold on dry eyes.


  1. it will come, the quenching. there is no timetable, there are no rules.


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  3. holding you close in my heart. xoxo


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