Saturday, August 11, 2012

of earth and midnight sky

i lay on the floor by her new bed.
 in the dark, i count her breaths.

she is still here with me.
i guard her.
and hold her steady at the edge.

i am restless.
i grope in the dark for her prayer shawl,
the colors of earth and midnight sky,
knit and prayed over by friends.

i lay that earth and midnight sky underneath me.
only then do i sleep.


  1. Anything you need, anything at all, just call me and I will come. Love to you always.

  2. My heart grips in my chest and a lump appears in my throat with each post you write, dear Kindred. I am with you in Spirit and Light.


  3. i cry at each post. as i should. i am here for you also.

  4. thank you, precious friends. xoxo

  5. sending hugs, sending love


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