Sunday, August 19, 2012

reverse birthing

Restless and distraught yesterday, she felt trapped. Solace came as she finally found sleep in the evening. It is the middle of today and still she sleeps, her eyebrows raising in question to visions I am not meant to know.

It is not quite 4 years of monumental effort to stave off the onslaught of cancer. She has lived longer than Western medicine allows, pulled along with German tenacity and rivers of love.

Of the many lessons this collective journey has afforded, one lies bold in its edict~ learn to honor and support the choices of another. My comfort lies in homeopathic sensibilities, hers in traditional. We've held hands through the maze of traditional.

Now we are here, honoring and supporting her choice, her hope to die at home. The lessons of this, the daily ice water shocks of decline have shivered me to my core. Reverse birthing, I call it. And it is the greatest privilege of my life.


  1. again, goosebumps and tears. and love. much of all.

  2. yes, the same, here. xoxo

  3. I've had moments over the past few days where my Spirit seems to leap out of my body and fly to you. I am overcome by emotion each time as the tears come, and sadness & more love and kinship than I can fathom flood through me. To the core of my being, I am with you both in that room...helping to midwife the reverse birth.

  4. David Clark8/20/2012

    ...there are no answers, only questions...she is Blessed to have you watching over her rebirth....with much love.... xoxo


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