Wednesday, August 15, 2012

1/2 blind

in her backyard, a finch.
 rosy colored, new, seemingly blind with swollen eyes.
i went to help tuck him under a bush for the night.

but, no.
as i approached, he flew up
and backwards,
like a moth dancing away from flame.

he settled back down in the brittle grass,
and i let him be.
i would look for him in the morning,
surely expired on brown blades.

but, no.
somehow, someway, he had survived the night
and was back in her yard,
sighted just enough to have found his way
 into the feeder on the 3rd try.

and so, the rosy finch has come each day,
1/2 blind in new territory,
finding his way to what will sustain him.

i thought he had come to speak for her.
to show her the way.

but, no.
he speaks for me,
and assures me 1/2 blind
is sight enough to sustain her and me
as we find our separate paths to home.


  1. i got goosebumps with this. i still have them. because we knew, we talked about this. because it's truth. and love.

    sweet graciel. take care.

  2. Poignant... and, beautiful.

  3. So much truth, love, beauty ~ and utter, astonishing, heart-wrenching reality. Merci mille fois for continuing to post these soul bidden moments in the midst of your journeys. We are forever changed by each word.

  4. oh my, yes, 1/2 blind... isn't that the way we move through this life, always?

    we have no map, only our own mad groping to guide us along.

    i am sending you, across these not too many miles, all the light and sight i can muster.


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