Friday, September 16, 2011

The Soul In Bloom~ autumn issue

autumn issue cover

behind the scenes
with mr. inquisitive

edited out at the last minute

 This is the issue that gives me the strength to self promote. This issue is for people, especially women, who are on a soul-changing journey through illness, cancer or levels of despair. It is also for the people who love them. As I am finding out myself, to assist another in transcending illness, hopefully back to health, or to the threshold of death's door is a sacred task and a journey all its own. Illness of any kind is a group effort in need of support. This issue, wrapped in the splendor of autumn and comforting words, is my wish and my gift of support for any and all who might need it.

I finished the bulk of the editing and organizing of this magazine just over 3 weeks ago at the kitchen table of my Aunt. She was in her last stages of ovarian cancer.We spent the day together in what turned out to be one of her last days of conversation. We were frank and unafraid. I was irrevocably changed. She died one week later at hospice. This issue is dedicated to her and my Uncle. The local hospice, for their care, will receive copies of this issue as my thank you, with hopes it might give some one comfort.

This issue is about courage and change and healing and death and life. All of it is life. All of it sacred and beautiful. And in the end,  there is no ending, for love goes on and on.

To purchase a copy of The Soul In Bloom~ autumn issue for yourself or someone in need of support, go HERE. Simply create an account at Payment is with credit card or Paypal.


  1. These pictures are so beautiful,
    Graciel. I especially love the one for the cover--wow! :-)

  2. I am quite certain that many, many people will be soothed and comforted by these beautiful pages.

  3. Susan Lukaszewski9/17/2011

    so i click on your blog as i so often do and believe the universe is somehow aligning itself with me. doug's mom passed away today and although i was not incredibly close to her i believe this issue will bring comfort to me. miss you

  4. You are amazing. I don't know *how* you do what you do.

    In a way, I am reluctant to let go of summer, having just received your incredible, sunny issue.

    Perhaps receiving this latest edition will help ease my transition into fall ~ and to let go of all that needs releasing.

    Bless you, Dear Graciel, for giving your LIFE to us through your artistic miracles and manifestations.

  5. I can't wait to get my looks so beautiful! Congratulations on some amazing work (I loved the Spring issue..missed the Summer issue - but ordered that last week as well). Thank you for the love and beauty you send out to the world.


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