Wednesday, September 07, 2011

52 Photos Project~ September 7th

My quiet place, my place to recover sanity and life?
Always outside.
Mother Nature is the ultimate Shaman and Healer.
While I am where I am,
the Sitting Tree by the creek
is my sanctuary.

For Bella's 52 Photos Project


  1. I could listen to the hum of that stream all day.
    I love your quiet place :)

  2. Awesome photos and love 'your quiet space' ~ Mother Nature is a gift! ~Carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy 52 Photos ~

  3. Anonymous9/07/2011

    What a beautiful tree! It looks like the absolute perfect spot to sit and just be.

  4. I love your quiet place - the woods are so restorative.

  5. Mother Nature is indeed the great healer. Beautiful tree. I love the exposed roots - a perfect sitting spot :)

  6. Nature is the perfect place for quietude. We have a forest park about a mile away and when walking there, listening to the bird songs, I feel tension melt away and become really open to the present moment.

  7. Lovely, I have a place very similar near me.

  8. I am realizing more and more I need a Sitting Tree by a creek. Oh how I wish I had one, as it does indeed help to recover sanity and life.


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