Thursday, September 08, 2011

mouse matters

i came home, laden with farm market spoils , and there she was in the center of the path to the door. i could tell something was wrong. she was wobbly. i dropped my spoils and bent to ask her what was troubling her. she had been bitten. oh, sweetheart, i'm so sorry. i scooped her up in both hands, her tiny face peeking out between my thumbs. i whispered about how she pretty she was and how sorry i was she was hurt. i carried her to the edge of the ivy patch and set her down on a leaf. she shivered, but stayed and listened to me tell her to come back next time as a cat.

after a time, i gave her a feather-light pet between her ears and she crawled away under the ivy.

the little details of life that cross our paths, they matter.


  1. What a shame, how she will have been so terrified and then so happy to find her refuge in the lovely you are yes crossing paths do matter.
    Lynn x

  2. They do matter, and you are so kind. Deer mice are so cute.

    I saw a mouse and a chipmunk that had both met my kitten in my path today, but that's a whole different kind of story... ugh.

    The food chain is a brutal place, indeed.

  3. bless you.

  4. That was very kind of you to take pity on the poor creature, also one reason why I won't have another cat, when I think of the destruction in the bird world and other small creatures, not for food, but just blind instinct, it's a No, No for me

  5. ahhh, she knew where to come. that just touches my heart so.

  6. how precious and loving of this little creature.


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