Thursday, June 17, 2010

The New Sheltered Life

Creamsicle~ so scared!
Blue~ scared, too!
Stephanie loving up to Blue
1st minutes at eastern hills mall, back together again.
Stephanie sitting in front of the boys
the cat room~ super clean!


  1. god. this just made me cry. i am so thankful these babies have you to keep an eye on them, but it just seems all so unfair that they even had to go through all this, and i want to whisper in their ears that it will be okay. i am sending love their way and your way and stephanie's way, and sending a message to maggie to let them somehow know they are loved, and to help poor creamsicle.


  2. It's good to see them together again. I know they must be so scared. Thank you, Graciel, for coming to their rescue a second time.

  3. Elaine6/20/2010

    We had the opportunity to visit the boys yesterday. What a wonderful place for them to learn to trust again! Stephanie and Sue are terrific with the 'kids', and keep the place lively, happy and spotless. Stephanie was singing to the boys as we left. Both boys let me pet them!

    Creamsicle was more frightened, but by the end, he was rubbing his face on my hand and purring. Feral, indeed! {rolling my eyes} They'll need much love and attention, but they'll get there, rest assured.

    Anyone who can come and spend a little time with the boys will help them to know they are loved.

    Donations to the shelter are greatly appreciated. Vet bills are huge, and they're doing SUCH a good job with the kitties.

    Finally, we're on the good road to a better life.

  4. thank you, thank you, thank you, elaine!!!

    xo, graciel


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