Sunday, June 20, 2010


I sit in the kitchen, fan whirring on high, as night falls on the last shards of spring. The evening star, beacon and friend, descends a blink at a time down the dusty window screen. I look up from a borrowed book. The room is scented with cold tea, green with jasmine, and the few remaining licks inside a yogurt cup. I notice the jumble of mugs and flea market juice glasses waiting to be washed. I quickly gaze past them and settle my eyes on the bee.

It was on the floor, dead, by the cat food bowl earlier in the week. I remember not not wanting to throw it away, but felt too lazy, at the time, to lay it under the hostas. So instead, I placed the bee on the sill, one stiff leg pointing skyward.

It is such an impossible little creature, with cellophane wings too small, in theory, to lift its weight. Yet, those bits of cellophane carried it up to my second floor kitchen, defying science and reason. Whether it died at the paws of a cat or whether it simply expired, unaided, next to the button-shaped kibble, I cannot know.

But its messages of "things are not so impossible as they seem" and "with willingness comes lift", I can know and I do know, and in its sacrifice, at the last shards of spring, I remembered.


  1. Anonymous6/20/2010

    Inspired writing.

  2. it is late and my eyes are closing, i hope i dream of this, of with willingness comes lift, that anything is possible. we had blue bees earlier this year - i hope they return. i am still waiting on the cicadas. and i am rambling.

    good night sweet graciel.

  3. Dear Graciel, how wonderful to have creatures like this in our dayly life. To said it passed...
    and yea once in a while we need to reflect on how simple things are so valuable.
    Hugs D.

  4. I loved this, I love bumblebees, and things are almost never so impossible as they seem.

  5. What a stunning photograph of his wings, sad but beautiful even in death.

    You're a star, but I knew that already Graciel thank God you got the cats back and they are on the way to health again with loving people!! I've been following their story and feeling helpless being so far away.

  6. It chose you to write this tribute. Just beautiful.


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