Sunday, June 06, 2010

it happens

it happens.

eventually, when the output of energy required during 40 hours of the week is greater than what is available within and like me, you just keep pushing onward for a very long time, and the various circumstances that make up your life each have their own stresses and those stresses mound themselves on top of one another, things begin to shut down.

eventually, like me, you may find yourself unable to enjoy a life beyond those bill-paying 40 hours, which realistically take up 56 hours of the week (with prep and commute) if you don't have to work overtime. you begin to decline invitations, you rarely answer the phone, email reply becomes spotty at best and one day you find yourself watching reality tv because your mind and body have gone numb.

interest is lost in most things that once sparked your imagination. emotions become out of balance. joy goes out the window and you are left sitting next to that window watching life blandly slip by. perhaps then, on the 3rd of 3 precious days off in a row from the usual work day extravaganza you find yourself, like me, unable to maintain a vertical position for any length of time, you may finally say, "what the f*ck".

you seek help.

eventually, like me, you will find a trusted soul who will say to you your adrenal glands, those power packs that sit on top of your kidneys, are spent. fatigued. exhausted. if you do some research you will find that every symptom of adrenal fatigue can be marked with a little red check. that trusted soul also has wonderful recommendations to help combat this level of fatigue and fingers crossed, gain back the life you've surrendered to useless television. you buy kelp tablets, a cadillac-level mutli vitamin and 100 capsules of b-complex. you begin to pop them like pez. you vow to eat better, even if it costs more money to buy already prepared dinners. there is joy on the far horizon and you vow to drag yourself there.

so this is me, dragging myself back to joy and interest in blogging and all around verve, one little homeopathic pill at a time.


  1. Oh!

    I had no idea you had reached THAT level!

    Glad you have a name and remedy for it now. Beware, the road back to healing from this particular ailment is long and winding.

    Dr. Wilson's book "Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome" has been my bible for the past several years.


  2. Oh I am so sorry - I have not stopped by your blog in a while and missed you. I am so grateful that I only have two weeks of teaching left and can then get a much needed break. Take care of yourself and go easy on yourself too - how to do that I do not know. I love my naturopath - she always has something I have never heard of that slowly does the trick. Hopefully this combo works for you and you can regain your 'joy'.

  3. it happens. life happens. and sometimes you shut down,for survival. and then you have to stop and recharge your batteries, you just have to. and you will recharge, you will revive. take care of yourself. breathe.

  4. Ah god...I've been there myself, more than once. I'm sorry you were there, and I'm so glad you are so in tune with yourself to say, "Hey, this isn't right...gotta fix this." You inspire me to do more for myself. Sending you love!!!

  5. Graciel, I too have struggled for several years with adrenal fatigue and it's just in the past year that I've been crawling out of that rabbit hole. Vit B 12 shots helped, as well as Myers Cocktails (both from a great naturopath). She also boosted my Vit D levels up to 4000 IU in the winter and 2000 IU in the summer. It's been a long haul but as you've found out already, there's help is available.

    Get as much rest as possible and don't beat yourself up for not having the energy to do everything you think you "should" be doing.

    Sending you healing thoughts Graciel.

  6. I'm glad you reached out for help!

    I don't know what your job is, but do you enjoy spending all those hours on it? Just wanted to mention this part of the topic, because if the nature of your work is draining and dulling you...I hope you will address that, too.

    Best wishes!!

  7. not to worry, all will be well. i feel quite elated there is something i can do to get my mojo back.

    thank you all for such kind and caring comments!

    xo, graciel

  8. Dr. Graciel - you have given me food for thought. SO easy to blame it on life and loss and this and that, which of course is in fact part of it, and to forget our physical bodies. I forget regularly to take my vitamin D and B, no doubt so much more needed when life comes at us full tilt boogie. Feel better - life is waiting to dance with you.


  9. Wishing you well, Graciel. I hope your energy and your joy return very soon. Hugs to you.

  10. I really hope you"re on your way to feeling better!

    I'd never heard of adrenal fatigue. For the majority of my life I've gone thru long boughts of feeling exhausted, apathetic & unfocused. I'd always assumed it was some sort of chronic depression but now I'm wondering if it truly is a physical problem. Especially since the feelings slowly disappeared during my pregnancy & since having the baby have stayed gone. Perhaps the prenatal vitamins helped. I just worry about the feelings returning. Will look into adrenal fitigue now that you've mentioned it.

  11. this post is so timely for me dear one. i truly hope that naming it and addressing it are working to restore your wonderful self. i had a week last week where i had to pour every ounce of available energy into being my professional self. i paid attention to what this did to the part of me i love the most: zero creativity and desire for connection at the end of each day.

    p.s. love the photo beautiful you!


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